Enterprise Co-Innovation Lab

Build a custom lab

Accelerate your projects with personalised help from our lab. Artyficial Labs is a creative AI lab that explores new possibilities and the impact of AI in creativity and productivity. We focus on experimental projects which have an R&D heavy approach to creative systems, while executing R&D projects and creations with elaborate research on the relationship between technology, creativity and AI.

The lab consists of artists, designers and programmers and takes responsibility in every process of the project from strategy and development to operations. The lab keeps presenting cutting-edge works and researches through collaboration with other artists, researchers, and scientists. We do all this so we can deliver the latest and advance solutions for clients that want to explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence without the heavy price tag. In the age of AI, growth is like a puzzle waiting to be solved it is not a one model fits all. Let us help you solve that puzzle in 6 steps.

Step 1

Build a Strategy

Identify the business objective and strategy. This helps us identify where we can help you integrate systems that can help you achieve your objective faster and effeciently. How is your internal structure affected by AI? Where do you think it can be of use?

At which level do you want to integrate AI? Our strategy fits from prompt engeneering and fine-tuning to tool development and data curation. Lets help you build an agile strategy that continuously adapts to your creative machine learning operations.

Step 2

Build your Tool Set

This step depends on your strategy. This is our map for building your stack. Let us help you build the right tools that rely on the best model for the job and budget.

We compare, test and deploy foundational models that suit your strategy. We also fine-tune base models with your enterprise data. Build and securly deploy generative model tools with Artyficial Labs.

Step 3

Creative ML-Ops

Continuously evaluate and optimise your lab through creative machine learning operations. Update your company internal operations and documents by teaching a model your company data as it grows. Fine-tune base models based on clients or client projects and build the tools to accompany them. Stay ahead of the curve by adopting new technologies and experiment with new ideas.

Step 4

Data Driven Mindset

Build fine-tuned base model tools to analyse and identify growth points
and opportunities. Develop internal systems to help your company be productive while also learning. Automate frequent data driven tasks such as client data onboarding and internal data documents.

Step 5

Train your Team

Artyficial Labs is not a magic solution; it requires expertise and training to use effectively. Our research lab keeps your enterprise up-to-date with all levels of creative machine learning operations. This ranges from prompt engineering and development to data curation.

Step 6

Continuous Research

AI is constantly evolving; we make sure you stay up-to-date and adapt your strategy to new innovations. Our primary concern is how AI is impacting the rate of productivity and crativity for creators. This is done through elaborate Creative R&D heavy projects that leverage technology and generative AI.