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A Creative AI Lab to

Use Generative AI tools to test your concepts faster using Artyficial Labs.
Safely unlock the value of AI with our multi-modal creative research platform.

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Generative AI

Creative Research

One platform for generating conversation, images, music, video and code

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Super-charge your productivity

Build using our lab

We are on a mission to explore the impact and possibilities of generative AI tools on creativity. Join us in sharing this experience by using our platform to access our experiments.

Enterprise Solutions

Build a custom lab

Whether you are bulding your own model or applying foundation models
to your business, Artyficial Labs can help you get there faster.

Creative ML-Ops

Research Models

We fine-tune and build models for creatives so you do not have to


Large Language Model

A text2text lab for brainstorming


Diffusion Model

A text2image model for images


Large Language Model

A text2code model for coding


Diffusion Model

A text2music model for music


Diffusion Model

A text2video model for video


Diffusion Model

A text2image model for images


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